My recent city break to Berlin

Berlin was my Birthday treat to Mat for his 21st birthday, I love giving people experiences for special events rather than materialistic and often un-needed items that wear, brake, go out of fashion or get lost. Memories last a lifetime and I think I’ve just about mastered the art of finding good value hotels and flights, so all the more reason to do just that!

Of course I didn’t make it easy for Mat find out what I had got him for his birthday, I planned a treasure hunt around his house, with riddles on the back of photos to lead him to the new hiding places for small presents, ultimately ending with one final rhyme and gift of a tour guide book of Berlin (which Mat left at home). It was so much fun running all over the house and watching him search for the presents, he told me on the way to his house that all he wanted for his birthday was a YO-YO and some harribos, little did he know they were two of the things waiting all wrapped up for him, success!

We started early on Wednesday morning the 10th of January, thanks to Julie taking us to the airport for 6am! I much prefer getting an early flight that so that you can have a full day on your first day, we only had 2 nights in Berlin due to us both having deadlines and then Mat having to be back at work, so I wanted to make the most of the time we did have. We arrived in Berlin about 11am, we only had hand luggage and so we headed straight to the train station and it was about a 30/40 minute ride into the city centre where we were staying.

We managed to get an early check in and so we rested for an hour or so before heading out to see the sights. We stayed in the city centre called Alexanderplatz, which I’d highly recommend because then you can walk to lots of places but also can get metro’s to everywhere else that don’t take too long! We strolled around and ended up finding a mirror maze which we spent about 40 minutes in trying to find numbers that were apparently somewhere around the maze, I still have my doubts! The mirror maze was so much fun, and there weren’t any casualties from walking into mirrors so that was an added bonus, I’ll insert a picture here for you to see for yourselves. It was just inside a souvenir shop but it was lots of fun so I’d definitely recommend!


After this we went to the Jewish museum, I’d already been before with Bea a couple of years ago but theres always something new to learn and so I really wanted to go again…its a really great museum with loads of abstract art and also artefacts from the war.

For dinner we went to a traditional german restaurant/bar so that Mat could have his german sausages…lets just say he had the wrath of a hangry (so hungry you are angry) vegan on his hands and a mainly sausage serving restaurant did NOT go down well, I think he enjoyed it none-the-less. Eating vegan in Berlin was hard, real hard. I’m not going to go into what I ate for every trip that I went on, but lets just say on the first night I had potato soup and a pretzel…oh well, food wasn’t what I went for and that’s totally fine by me. On the first night we went to a bar called ‘the pub’ (inventive I know) that had your own pint tap, which was great for Mat, and it also had its own order machine where I ordered a cocktail that was brought over moments later.

On the second day we walked round the famous sights of Berlin such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate…I’ll insert a picture here too. We generally just strolled around and didn’t have an exact plan, which was nice, just looking at things as and when we felt like it…I felt like we’d done enough walking to have covered all of Berlin!


The final day we did some more sightseeing, we went to see the Berlin wall as well as the Jewish memorial. We also went to the place that served what Mat’s friend Tommy had said was the best burger he’d ever eaten is his life, it was under a railway track and was a tiny little place, but it was so cool and they even had a vegan was immense. We had to be at the airport for 6pm so we took a stroll back to our hotel and then headed for the airport.


Things we’d do differently, probably going when its a little warmer, although this didn’t affect me too much thanks to my dad who put thermals in my stocking this year!! But in general I think things would have seemed much prettier with the sun beaming down, but thats just one small gripe, its Mat’s fault for having his birthday in Winter (joking). Another thing we might do differently is plan our food places a bit better, to make them a bit more vegan friendly…I wanted to use my happy cow app but Mat was a little reluctant!

The best part of Berlin for me was definitely the amazing memorials for the holocaust, they were so extensive and insightful and I literally could have walked round reading all of the information and looking at all the photos all day. Oh and this amazing burrito I had on the first day, burritos are one of my favourite foods and oh my it was good.

Overall we had a great weekend, I absolutely love travelling with Mat, its little getaways like this that make me so excited for our adventures in the future. Little getaways are also made that much more enjoyable because of mats great sense of direction and willing to do all the directions and working out of metros etc…kudos to you Mat, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Thanks for a great few days Mat, I hope you loved it just as much as me!

Looking back I really didn’t take many photos, I think it was because it was so cold so I had my hands in my gloves and pockets the whole time, but Mat did get a few good shots and I got a couple myself…here’s some more photos for you to look through!


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For the comments:

Do you have any trips booked? Where are you going?

Do you prefer city breaks or sunny chilled holidays?

Until next time


x x 

P.S excuse the french in the Berlin wall snap…not my work, I can’t take the credit!

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