A vegan food diary

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I wanted to reiterate one of the themes/statements I try to demonstrate through my blog posts, that Veganism is easy, cheap and diverse, since I believe the negations of these are some of the most common misconceptions based around the lifestyle. Whilst I could quite easily … Continue reading A vegan food diary

My recent city break to Berlin

Berlin was my Birthday treat to Mat for his 21st birthday, I love giving people experiences for special events rather than materialistic and often un-needed items that wear, brake, go out of fashion or get lost. Memories last a lifetime and I think I've just about mastered the art of finding good value hotels and … Continue reading My recent city break to Berlin

My Favourite Easy Vegan Meals

I love cooking, I love the sense of achievement and organisation it brings me. I love cooking for vegan food for Mat, whilst he's veggie 2-3 days a week, vegan food is harder to entice him, so cooking for him and getting the "nod of approval" really is a great feeling. I'm always fearful that … Continue reading My Favourite Easy Vegan Meals