What I ate in barcelona

As I previously mentioned in my holiday tips for sticking to veganism, I used my trustee app “Happy Cow” throughout my stay and as per usual, it was so helpful.

My Dad was really thoughtful and insisted that we tried different vegan/vegetarian places every day, which we did. Obviously it would be immensely dull to talk you through everything that I ate, so instead I will talk you through the places we ate at, what I ate there and what I thought of it!

Whilst I planned to take pictures of all of my food, my appetite got the better of me and I had eaten half of my food before remembering to take a photo, by which point it no longer looked as inviting. So instead, I’m going to include some of my favourite photos from the trip.

On the first day we took a wonder round the lovely streets of Barcelona and therefore ate at any place that took our fancy, without using the app. For some reason both me and my dad were drawn to a place that we both thought ‘looked vegan friendly’, despite having a huge piece of ham out front. Without really looking at the menu we strolled in to the welcoming restaurant on the road ‘La Ramblas’, hunger leading. Within a couple of seconds, we had both realised that there was not much there for me at all, but there was a couple of options branded ‘VEGANO’, which doesn’t take a qualification in Spanish to work out! I ended up going for a quinoa salad (why did I not choose the paella!). This was quite honestly a massive disappointment, it was a tiny portion, and covered in sugar, yes sugar! The cashew nuts were coated in sugar and the salad seemed to have been sprinkled with sugar also, which was later confirmed by the waiter.

I am one of those people who doesn’t generally like mixing sweet and savoury flavours, so this was NOT hitting the spot for me, or for my non-fussy dad! Obviously not all meals are going to be amazing, but for 12 euros I really was hoping for something better, so the pressure was on for dinner!

For dinner we went to a traditional Spanish restaurant, serving tapas, sangria, and paella. Paella is great for vegans, since there’s normally always a vegetable option, which is what I went for. You just can’t beat the unique and savoury flavours of a paella, this dinner definitely lived up-to expectations and redeemed Barcelona’s food options from lunch time! My paella was simple, but effective, with just artichokes, peas, peppers, carrots and other greens in there, it was so tasty.

For the second and third day, we used the Happy Cow app (and google) for food places, it did not disappoint!

For lunch we went to a place that I think is typically a bar serving vegan wines and beers, but that serves tasty burgers also. It was a short walk off of La Ramblas, and was called CatBar. Both myself and my dad went for the Mexican burger, which I think was a seitan burger with jalepenos, salsa, red onion and lettuce leaves, all being accompanied by home-made chips and veganaise (the best veganaise I’ve had!).

I liked the concept of the place, it was a no-fuss, a no-table service place, where you are given a piece of paper with the food options on and space to write how many of each you want and what option you choose. This meal was €8.50 and only €7.50 without chips (but that was a no-brainer for me). Whilst they served only burgers, they were all very different and therefore there would be one for every one of all different taste buds.


For dinner we went to a place that my dad found, called Rasoterra, which is a vegetarian restaurant. This was more high-end eating if you will, but it was by far one of my favourite. It was a tapas menu but myself and my dad decided just to have a couple of dishes each, mainly because we both wanted the same plate and knew there wouldn’t be enough to share! I started with bread with tomato and olive oil, which was nice, but fairly underwhelming. Then myself and dad had our own plate of pumpkin ravioli. The pasta was cooked perfectly, it was thick pasta cooked aldente, UGH it was increadible. The flavours were so simple but so effective and tasty. It was also my first time eating pumpkin anything, I must admit the idea has never much appealed to me, but I’m sorry pumpkin, I underestimated you, I apologise.

To finsh we shared chocolate truffles with salt and oil. I never erally like mixing sweet and savory flavours, but this worked perfectly. With the bitter and strong chocolate, the salt was so needed to even out the flavours, and the oil, who knew it would work so well!? Certainly not me.


For lunch on the last day we went to a place that we spotted on the open top bus and was close to where our bus stop was. I believe it was an Israelian ran family business. This was just an affordable lunch, with my HUGE pita being only €5. There were limited options but this never worries me, since it generally implies fresh produce and cooking! There were about 6 options for mains and 3 or 4 side dishes, one of which being their home-made skinny fries. It was a huge portion that myself and my dad shared and he said they were some of the best fries he’d ever had (who needs McDonalds?!).


For dinner on the last day we went somewhere called Vegetalia, which again, was only a short walk away from La Ramblas and therefore our hotel, which is so perfect for those post dinner feels, where all you want is BED. I ate a thai green curry, which wasn’t amazing, but I’m not complaining! To have vegan options abroad is enough for me, so you won’t find me moaning about it not being the best. I think it’s really easy to take the ease of veganism and vegetarianism in the UK for granted, so going away really reminds me of just how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many options (go England, you’re doing great sweetie).


Whilst as you will notice not all of the meals where amazing, but I don’t think thats due to the fact it was vegan, but just that generally you’re going to eat at some good and some not-so-good food places, and I’m okay with that. I love eating and its a huge part of the holiday experience for me, but it really isn’t whats most important.

Now I don’t know about you, but all this food talk has made me HUNGRY! It’s just as well I did a food shop yesterday and theres a big bar of dark chocolate calling my name. I really hope you enjoyed reading this and that it might have encouraged you to use the app, visit a new city or just cook or try some scrummy vegetarian/vegan food! Whatever effect this blog post had on you, I hope it was a positive one. Please let me know in the comments if you have been anywhere particularly vegetarian friendly, I’m always looking for new places to travel to and explore.

P.S. enjoy the photos that I took in Barcelona, it was truly a great weekend spent with my wonderful Daddy :). I thought I’d try out the slideshow feature so I hope technology hasn’t failed me and it works as it is supposed to!

Until next time


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