Monochrome will always be in season

Monochrome has been a trend for as long as I can remember. It’s chic, classy, versatile and timeless. The majority of my wardrobe is either black or white, to such an extreme  that I have a rail in my bedroom purely for monochrome clothes. Therefore, I see it fit to dedicate a blog post to my favourite statement of all time. I didn’t buy anything new for this blog post and I want to mention/show that all of these outfits can be changed around to make new outfits with different vibes. I hope you really love this blog post, and as per usual I’d love for you to let me know which look was your favourite! Happy reading!

Look one:

The first look is simple yet effective. I’m really not a dress kinda girl, but for the winter season I love getting my chunky shoes or boots on with tights and a dress. I picked up this denim dungarees style dress from pull and bear about this time last year, for no more than £20. I love wearing this dress with a turtleneck of any colour, but I have to say I’m generally always drawn to black. Old habits die hard. But anyway, for the purpose of this blog post I wore my white long sleeved tshirt from PRIMARK and I’ve actually been wearing the top so much ever since. I think there is something so special about a plain white top, it doesn’t scream for attention, just subtly attains it, less IS more. As you’ll see I wore this outfit with dr martins, but I would totally be up for wearing them with high knee or just normal ankle boots if I fancy wearing fluffy socks on those wintery days. Then, it just wouldn’t be a blog post without a faux fur jacket making an appearance, so I’ve finished off the look with this H&M jacket that I bought second-hand from DEPOP. I really think that depop is great for the usual high ticket times, you’ll often find a faux fur jacket for no less than  30 pounds when buying brand new. I however, picked up this number for 10 pounds, and the previous owner had only worn it once! 


Top – PRIMARK (£3)

Dress – PULL & BEAR (£25)

Jacket – H&M (£10)

Tights – PRIMARK (£2)

Shoes – DOC MARTINS (£100)


Look 2:

Now for the second look, I wasn’t sure which pair of trousers I preferred, so I’ve shown both. I love this outfit because it has so many different dimensions and textures, it’s also very winter friendly with the turtleneck and easily finished with a biiiig warm coat. I know that there is a lot going on in the first one and I know that this isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I personally love it. I wear all of these items with so many different looks but I really love the white crop top and black turtleneck. I’m obsessed with silver hardware at the moment, I think it makes everything really grungy, I’m trying to find perfect hardwear heavy duty necklace but I’ve not had much success yet, so stay tuned for that. 

The top was from MISSGUIDED and I actually saw it on ASOS labelled as a pyjama crop top…but who wears crop tops with zips on to bed? Not me! As soon as I saw this top I knew exactly what I would wear it with, and here you’ll see that I made it happen! I’ve paired the top combo with my trustee black and white striped trousers from TOPSHOP. I’ve had these trousers for a while now and I just get so much wear out of then. I never buy anything from TOPSHOP anymore but I will occasionally have a peruse of the sales, and these were found in there! I often have a lot of success with finding funky trousers in the sale, since the more ‘out there’ trousers are often left unsold (yay for me). I then wore my classic white reeboks, but any shoes would work with this outfit, I’ve worn my DR MARTINS with them too!!


Trousers – TOPSHOP (£15)

Shoes – REEBOK (£45)

Belt – ASOS (£3)

Turtleneck – TOPSHOP (£10)

Bra let – MISSGUIDED (£4)

Sunglasses – EBAY (£1)


Look 2 pt.2 – The only difference between this and pt 1 of the outfit is that I’ve worn my BOOHOO flares, my double wrap eyelet belt that again, has silver hardware to make it that bit more edgy, and my well loved checkered vans, just in case the outfit was a little too busy with the trousers, each to your own!! 


Trousers – BOOHOO (£15)

Belt – ASOS (£15)

Turtleneck – TOPSHOP (£10)

Bra let – MISSGUIDED (£4)

Jacket – ZARA (£30)

Shoes – VANS (£40)


Look 3:

The final look I really just combined a couple of items from previous looks and added in a new top. I’m wearing the black flares from the previous look, honestly these are probably my most worn pair of trousers ever. They have the ability to turn any look fun and out there, with minimal effort. They were only about £12 pounds from BOOHOO and they’re a really thick material so they are incredibly flattering. With these, I’ve worn a plain white t-shirt from ZARA, which, I had to cut away from a black lace top that was attached because apparently despite all of the clothes I have, this girl does not own a plain white tshirt, like seriously…how is that possible? With this I added this PU corset/harness from PLT that I found in the sale, it really makes the outfit go from cute to out there in about 5 seconds (I lie…it took me way longer to get the corset on, it kept getting stuck in my hair!!). Say hello to my favourite trainers of all time, my checkered VANS, they’re the old school slip-ons and I absolutely adore them, it’s coming to the time where they’re beginning to get holes, I need a new pair but I’m just in a state of denial about it (only I could get attached to a pair of trainers). And then I’m sure you can see that I’ve re-used my bargain faux fur jacket on top, we’re heading into winter now, any excuse to wear fluffy jackets! 


Trousers – BOOHOO (£15)

T-shirt – ZARA (£5)


Jacket – H&M (£10)


So anyway, thats going to go ahead and conclude this blog post for the week. I hope you really enjoyed it, as I’ve previously mentioned, I love it when you let me know how you thought the blog post read, was written and which your favourite look was (or which out of look 2 pt 1/2 you preferred and why!).

Thanks to my wonderful bf Mat for taking the snaps of me and also telling me all about the good camera angles “you’re not going to like how you look in these”, your honesty is needed and appreciated (so is your camera)!

Also any ideas about what fashion related blog post you’d want to see, as I’m more than open to ideas! 

Hope you’ve had a great week and weekend, roll on Monday!

Until next time 



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