vegan snacks I could not live without

Being vegan, does NOT mean you have to sacrifice sweet treats and yummy snacks. Therefore, in this post I have written down all of my favourite vegan snacks that satisfy my naughty cravings. Everything is good in moderation and I certainly don’t hold back when it comes to treating yourself. The beauty of these items is that a lot of people would never guess that they were vegan friendly, most on the list won’t have been created directly for the vegan audience, but being accidentally vegan is good enough right? The majority of this list I have eaten for years, way before my transition and so to realise that I didn’t have to sacrifice my favourite snacks was great. I’m going to let you know about my 5 favourite snacks that I just could not live without.

If you didn’t already know, I LOVE my sweet treats, especially chocolate. My favourite vegan friendly chocolate bars are definitely Frys Mint Cremes and Bourneville, these are the best dark chocolate on my market for me, so student-budget friendly but so so tasty and moreish. Let’s start with Bourneville, being made by Cadburys it is the lowest percentage of coco in dark chocolate you will find, with only about 35% coco, it is so sweet and creamy, without the milk! Whilst being a fairly pricey (for a student at least) compared to normal chocolate bars, it is about £2.50 from normal supermarkets although you can normally pick it up from bargain stores such as Poundland or Wilkinsons for a lot less, (although it’s a much smaller bar boooo!) Moving onto Mint Cremes, I have been eating these for as long as I can remember, my oldest memory being tucking into one after swimming, my mum would always let me choose something and that was my go-to!

Prawn cocktail crisps, these have been my favourite flavour of crisps for as long as I can remember. I have personally always disliking actual prawn cocktail (do they taste like the real thing? IDK!), this flavour is my ride or die. The best versions of these crisps are definitely the walkers or the real cheap alternative, golden wonder, which I recently discovered and would genuinely put above walkers. They are by far the most flavoursome and are about 15p per packet, you’ll be able to find them in home bargains for sure! If you’re a prawn cocktail fan that get your hands on some, I can assure you you will not be disappointed!

Soreen, who said healthy can’t taste good? The Soreen that takes my preference is the banana loaf(s), you can buy them as one big loaf or as I prefer them, in little loafs that are perfect to take on the go to Uni! They’re completely free of egg, dairy and they have such a tasty, squidgy centre. You can grab both the loaf or the mini-loafs for around a pound (depending on what offers are flying about at the time) from most supermarkets. They give me the satisfaction of eating a cake, without the guilt, and you’ll never eat a dry Soreen, they are so moist!

Pulsin bars are for me, the most revolutionary vegan snack I have found. It is very hard, at least for me, to find a completely vegan breakfast/snacking bar that actually tastes like a non-vegan bar. My best friend Kate introduced me to these a while ago, I tried it once and I have been hooked ever since. My favourite are the peanut and cocoa brownie ones and I genuinely mean it when I say that I would choose this over a normal brownie any day. They have the best texture, flavour and ingredients. Most of the time when I try a new vegan bar, myself and Fenella have the moto “expect raisin” in order to prevent us from being disappointed. This bar however, over-exceeds massively, the only downfall is the price. They retail for about £3 for a box of 3, however I recently discovered Aldi’s own version, at £1.99 for a box of 3 and I was ecstatic to find out that I actually prefer these over the branded version, they are not to be missed!

The final vegan snack/treat I want to talk about are Aplro Chocolate Deserts. These are great for when myself and Mat and Lucy are watching GBBO and become jealous of the amazing things they’re baking and eating or if everyone is settling down after dinner with a chocolate mousse or yoghurt and you feel, quite frankly, left out and jealous! Look no further, these will satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. They are roughly 2 pounds for 4, which in the grand scheme of things, is great for an Alpro product. You can get them in several flavours but my favourite is Chocolate and Hazelnut. They are so sweet and also have half the fat, sugar and much more than regular chocolate deserts.

I’m sure it’s obvious that you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy them, a lot of them I am sure everyone would love. Every little helps and just making a few changes and trying a few alternatives here and there truly does make a difference. You don’t have to change much to make a big difference and when the things I have mentioned taste as good as they do, you would be silly not to give them a go! Who knows, you might ditch the dairy milk for life!

I would love so much to hear about any impact this has had on you, whether it’s inspired you to go and try something I’ve mentioned, to cut out something completely, or just given you the motivation to do some research into plant-based alternatives. Please let me know down in the comments!

Until next time,

Megan xx

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