Parisian chic on a budget

For my 20th Birthday (July 19th) my wonderful boyfriend Mat surprised me with a trip away to Paris for August! We had been super busy all summer and we live a while away from each other out of university term time so some time just the two of us was totally needed and massively appreciated.  I was so excited to see the sights, eat the good food and also buy some new clothes for the occasion, it’s not every day you are in Paris, right? But this blog post proves that you do not need to spend top dollar to feel top dollar. Most of the outfits I wore I simply plucked out of my wardrobe or paired with something borrowed or that I have had sitting in my wardrobe for a while.

During this trip I wore something old, new, borrowed and something blue! But fear not, I simply used that for the fun and definitely not for any other reason! I am going to tell you which item fits into which category as I am going through. Please let me know which outfit was your favourite and why, I would love to see your responses!

Now, my go-to online fashion stores are ASOS, Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing. My reasons being; generally, the fashion is accurate with the trends, it is fairly inexpensive but (for the most part) doesn’t sacrifice the quality whilst achieving this and finally, I may have purchased unlimited next day delivery for all 3.

Whilst £9.99 (in most cases) sounds a lot, when you consider that next day delivery is usually 5 or 6 pounds and when you order something you just want to see it as soon as possible, it’s definitely worth the investment.

I must say I wasn’t too impressed with what I found, I was in the mind frame of ‘I don’t know what I am looking for, but I know what I am not looking for’, so I think I only purchased one thing from PrettyLittleThing and that is it, who needs a new wardrobe when you have a few printed floral items and white clothes to accompany them!

I was there for 4 full days and so I am going to show you the outfits I chose to wear and talk you through them individually, telling you where I got them from, how much I paid and rate it out of 10 for how great it made me feel. But first! I want to give a special shutout to Mat for taking these pictures of me, he’s super good at taking pictures and always providing me with fresh Instagram’s!

Day 1:

I went for this red polka dot frill two piece from Boohoo (also found on PrettyLittleThing). I felt SO glorious in this co-ord, it was so glamourous yet so comfy. This co-ord cost me £20 in total (it came together) and it felt and looked so much more expensive, would highly recommend this! I’ve seen it in a couple of other colours as well and I have also seen it as a cami-dress. (Something NEW).



Day 2:

This outfit did not cost me a penny! I used all things I had previously in my wardrobe with the addition of this gorgeous top of my friends. It was set to be another warm day in Paris but due to the time constraints, we planned to get up early to make full use of the day, with this in mind and the fact that we would spend a lot of time inside the Centre de Pompidou, I knew a long sleeved top would be great. The white skirt was a denim skirt that I have owned for YEARS. (Something OLD). It was such a bargain, I found it in New Look sale in the children’s section! I love picking up bargain bits that are still on trend yet half the price (no tax!), I cannot remember the price exactly but I would estimate it was around 5 pounds, and boy have I got my wear out of it! This outfit was so perfect due to the wonderful detailing on the off-the-shoulder top (independent brand) which paired so well with the white skirt, you simply cannot beat white, especially with the tan that I (long ago) had. (Something BLUE).


Day 3:

On the penultimate day I dressed it down massively, knowing that it would rain, I wasn’t going to risk bare legs! I wanted to wear colour but also be able to wear it with my leather jacket for warmth and shelter from the rain! Because my leather jacket was black I wore a black top to tie this altogether! Let’s start with the trousers, these are potentially my favourite trousers that I own. These pink candy striped culottes from Topshop are such a staple in my wardrobe, they make any outfit eccentric, fun and daring. I picked these up in the sale about 8 months ago for 10 pounds! They are one of the best 10 pounds I have ever spent, for me it was a no brainer to bring these away with me. I wore them with a plain back top from BOOHOO that a one shoulder top, I picked this up for about 7 pounds. This allowed me to keep it simple yet asymmetrical and different. I then finished it off with a black faux leather jacket from Zara, which was around 30 pounds, which I found tied the whole outfit together in a sophisticated manner!



Day 4:

The fourth and final outfit for this trip, and potentially my favourite. It was another warm day in Paris, but apparently I was too engrossed in the Parisian culture that I had forgotten to take a picture until the evening, so sorry about the quality! These trousers are definitely my favourite trousers EVER. This outfit was so suited to the stylish city I was exploring, being silky, soft and shiny, they looked so elegant and classy whilst being so comfortable and lightweight for the warm weather. The flower detail is so beautiful and speaks for itself really, for that reason I felt it only necessary to pair it with a white bandeau top that allowed the trousers to steal the limelight and do all the talking. The bandeau was from Topshop that my lovely friend, Bea had previously lent me for the trip and was basic yet the perfect accompaniment for these magical trousers. I had initially paired this outfit with a simple faux leather waist belt but, I had preciously devoured a pizza before this picture and with that, the belt came off! (Something BORROWED).


So there it is, they are my outfits for the wonderful tip myself and Mat enjoyed together, I hope you enjoyed looking at them and as I said previously, please do let me know which your favourite was and why! I hope this has taught you or reiterated to you that you do not need to spend lots of money to look and feel good in the stylish and upmarket city of Paris.

Until next time,

Megan xx

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