Those baggy trousers

Written in Summer 2016

I’m sure we’ve all seen the current fad that is those pleated culottes, a statement in itself. But these trousers don’t stop there, the wide range of colours, patterns and styles of these trousers are endless. After now owning around 5 pairs, I class myself as a pleated culottes pro, a status I felt sure I didn’t have the confidence to obtain. This is where my love for these trousers begins. To some it may sound silly to suggest a pair of trousers could have given me confidence, but they have.

I bought these trousers in early July, 2016 for £36 from Topshop, steep huh. However, I had them in my wardrobe sat waiting to be taken out for at least 3 weeks. I couldn’t mentally dress myself with any tops I owned, which made me worry I had wasted a substantial amount of money. The first time I wore these trousers, I pared them with a iridescent pink sequinned crop top I had thrifted from depop. I finished the outfit with a black faux leather jacket from Zara, some (very worn and tired) Stan Smiths and I was good to go. I shared the above photo on Instagram and my friends LOVED the outfit.

The trousers speak volumes. Whilst I may have been wary about the trousers at first, they made a bold statement and did all the talking for me. Sometimes you just need to break through the ‘what if I look stupid?’ barrier and you will find throwing yourself into the deep end is the best way to overcome an often irrational fear.

The trousers are now sold in Primark for just £14 pounds! You simply can’t go wrong. Looking back I do not know how I lived without these trousers, they are such a staple piece in my wardrobe. They are so versatile and can be worn casually in town, or dressed up with heels and a pretty top, something I planned to do at Henley Regatta this coming summer. I matched the grey culottes with some rusty red/copper wedges and a small top and I look ready to hit Mahiki.

So girls, give them a whirl, what have you got to lose. Force yourself to try something new and you might find you fall in love and never go a week without wearing them, just like me.

Until next time!

Megan xx

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