Getting to know me


So many people start writing blogs, there are so many out there that it’s almost impossible to find one you are truly interested in reading and frequently come back to. This is where I want to be different. I want to speak directly to all my readers, I want to connect with everyone as if I’m speaking to a friend. I want you to look forward to my blog posts and grow innocently impatient for the next post as soon as you have finished reading the last one. As the name states, this blog is going to be tailored by me, Megan Taylor, to become a raw, personal and hopefully informative and useful tool for people to enjoy and benefit from.

I see it fit to do a bit of an introduction here. Whilst I hope for a long journey with everyone who comes to this little space on the world-wide web and therefore positive you will learn more and more about me as the blogs increase in number, knowing who I am and what I am about is crucial. I’m a fashion loving, straight talking and strongly opinionated student in the City of Leeds, UK. I study Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at the University of Leeds, where I am learning so much about other people, the world, religion and A LOT about myself. By the way, that’s me up there. I’m having a boogie, with my boyfriend Mat stood beside me, holding himself up, too drunk as per usual.

This blog isn’t going to be a pristine blog where I talk about topics I think people want to read about or where I write things I think people want me to write. This blog is going to be a place for me to discuss topics I think need discussing; ranging from politics to what I think of current fashion trends. The best blogs are the real blogs, where the writer hasn’t been afraid to say what they truly think, and that’s something I aspire to and will achieve. I am not entirely sure that I can promise to stick to just one theme for this blog; it will change from week to week, with fashion and lifestyle posts being fairly frequent, it’s random from there onwards. I am going to aim to post weekly, every Sunday, put that in your diary/phone/memory, but due to being at University, I may have other commitments that have to take priority, but I will try hard to avoid this (nothing a bit of planning ahead can’t solve, she says optimistically).

I am starting this blog because I think ALL the time. I have opinions on everything and like to think I give good advice to people. If I can spread my advice to a wide range of people and have a positive on influence on someone, whether it’s big or small, I’ll have achieved what I set out to do. Whilst I said this blog is going to be real and raw, which it will be, it won’t be a negative place, I am going to talk about everything and anything with a positive outlook. We don’t have to look far to know there is so much to be negative about in this world; war, famine, cruelty and illness are only a few of the many things happening in this world that shouldn’t be. But I want this place to be a positive one, I want to make you laugh, think about things you haven’t, offer advice and provide comfort for all sorts of situations.

It goes without saying that any other forms of social media I have put available on the blog you are free to interact with me on. Bare-with for the LinkedIn profile, it turns out having only my high school on there isn’t too professional. Any comments, criticism or feedback would be incredibly appreciated, don’t hesitate to leave a reply!

My next post will be a Fashion related post, followed by a lifestyle post. Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed it, share with a friend, they might enjoy it too.

Until next time!

Megan xx

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